Valve Sealants

Formasil Valve Sealants are part of a new generation of sealant technology. Formasil products do not rely on large pieces of solids such as Teflon or clays that can clog sealant passageways and sealant injection ports.

Frac Valve Lubricants

The worlds largest supplier of fracking lubricants. ALL LUBRICANTS SHIP SAME DAY FOB Spring, TX. Stocking location Midland, TX.

Valve Lubricants

Lubchem manufactures a wide selection of valve lubricants to fit almost every field application. Providing an insoluble barrier between harsh line effluents and the metal surfaces of internal components.

Antifreeze Gearbox Grease

Longlife AF is a grease designed for use in gear operators to prevent the freezing of trapped moisture. When moisture comes in contact with this grease, the grease releases an anti-freeze to prevent ice formation.

Wireline Lubricants/Sealants

The most technologically advanced wireline products on the market. For use in the most extreme environments including CO2 and H2S, condensate and downhole chemicals. Cost effective, fully synthetic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Valve Cleaners

Valve Saver is a combination valve cleaner and penetrating lubricant engineered to free up and clean out difficult or impossible to operate lubricated valves. Cleans residual gum lacquer, hardened sealants, lubricants and also removes rust and corrosion.

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Lubrication Equipment

From every type of grease fitting to high volume pneumatic pumps, Lubchem provides a complete line of equipment essential to properly maintaining and repairing lubricated valves.