Pump Repair & Maintenance‚Äč

Lubchem, Rockwell-Nordstrom, Valtex, Chemola, Alemite pump repairs, usually inside of a week, depending on severity of repair. Also provide services for hand guns, Hypreguns, drum pumps and compressor skids


Highly efficient pneumatic pump capable of 10,000 PSI discharge. Most commonly used with 10lb can, but are available for use with 40lb buckets. Parts for these pumps have been readily available over the years. Depending on the maintenance required, repairing these pumps over buying new is a major cost savings. Also the fact they are repaired in house saves time and money.

High volume pneumatic pumps available up to 10,000 PSI discharge pressure. Most commonly used with 120lb drums. Very basic pumps that can be repaired in-house within a week depending on required service.

Hand operated and extremely durable these pumps are capable of 10,000 PSI discharge pressure. For use with j-stick lubricants or pourable flushes. We stock repair kits and replacement parts for most styles of these pumps. Unlike other companies we repair these pumps in house, instead of sending them out, saving a lot of time and money.

Hand Gun

Heavy duty, high volume pneumatic pump. Equipped with a 100:1 air motor capable of 10,000 PSI discharge pressure. For use with 40lb and 10lb cans. Based on the severity of repair required these pumps can be fixed in-house in a matter of couple days. If deemed too severe they will be sent out to the manufacturer. 



‚ÄčForce Flow 100