Some actuators can be repaired while still in service depending on the nature of maintenance required, or can be removed and repaired in-house usually within a couple weeks. 

Maintaining valves that are already in service should be very high on every plant or pipeline owners priority list. Having to replace valves in service can be costly in replacement but mostly in shutdown time. In conjunction with Elite Energy we provide field greasing and repair/replacement services.

Very simple valve, usually very quickly and easily repaired.


Wether you have a mound of used valves you'd like inspected or one in a critical location that needs repaired, we can help save time and money by our ability to repair in-house and relation to parts suppliers.

Valve Repair & Maintenance‚Äč

In-house gate, globe, check and ball valve repair, 1" thru 14", 150 - 600 classes. Valve maintenance - field service with high quality products and equipment. Call or email for quote.

Field Service