Floating Ball Valves - Threaded

A and B series ball valves feature two piece bolted and threaded bodies. Materials consist of carbon steel & stainless steel. Offered in 1" thru 4" full and reduced port, 1000 thru 5000 PSI classes available.

Swing Check Valves - Wafer

Flangeless body design with spring assisted closure. Stainless steel trim standard. Available in 2" thru 12", 150 - 600 pressure classes. 

Commodity Ball Valves

Unibody, two & three piece designs offered in carbon steel & stainless steel bodies. Stainless steel trim is standard. NACE certified. Offered in  sizes 1/4" thru 2".

Floating Ball Valves - Flanged

Standard Fire Safe and NACE construction. Resilient and metal-to-metal seating provide bubble tight performance at high and low pressure. Offered in sizes ranging from 1" thru 8", 150 - 1500 classes.


+ Fully Automated Valve Packages

+ Stem Extensions

+ Off-the-Shelf Upgrades and Built-to-Order

+ Domestic and Non-Domestic Manufacturer

+ Custom Engineering Solutions 

Swing Check Valves - Flanged

Shaft style full open design with bubble tight performance. Stainless steel disc standard. Available in resilient & metal-to-metal seating, 2" thru 16", 2000 - 5000 classes. NACE and Fire Safe construction.

Swing Check Valves - Threaded

Rugged threaded end valves featuring a trough style design to eliminate leak path & provide quick repair. Available in 1" thru 3", 1000 - 2000 classes. For vertical and horizontal application.

Trunnion Ball Valves

Offering a complete size range of 2" thru 56", pressure class 150 thru 2500 in both import and domestic. Standard Fire Safe and NACE. Sealant injection fittings are backed up with buried check valves for added safety.